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Our eLearning platform provides an innovative approach to delivering training, ensuring that content is effectively delivered and that learners can demonstrate competancy in the subjects covered.

We work with many industry leaders in the Oil & Gas industry to help improve welfare and safety in hazardous environments.

Correctly delivered, eLearning is an an effective tool in a co-ordinated prevention programme that delivers tangible results.

Although many of our courses are aimed at the Oil & Gas sector, our technology allows training to be delivered for any vertical market. In addition, our talented in-house 3D animators are able to get the message across with clear illustrations.


OES Dropped Object Awareness Programme

We have developed the DROPS Awareness Training Programme in conjunction with OES. This ensures onshore and offshore workers are aware of the dangers of dropped objects and the impact they have on personnel safety and operational activities. To attend this course, register and purchase the relevant training programme to proceed.

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